12mm Hex Track Width Spacers | Carbon | Set

Geniale 1mm shims til å fintune bredde på biler med 12mm hex. Leveres i liten oppbevaringsboks med fem shims i pakken.

PrisNOK149,00 inkl. mva.


Product Overview

The Avid 12mm Hex Track Width Spacers are a great way to adjust the width on any car using 12mm hexes with 5mm axles or less without having to change out your hubs. In other words, any modern 1:10 offroad or onroad vehicle. Typically this will help stabilize a vehicle by increasing track width and scrub.

Details / Tips

  • To install it is usually best to put them in your wheel first before putting on to the car. Just remember there are in there when you take them off! This is why we included an extra one in this pack because they like to float away like a snowflake.