Avid B6.1 Carbon Shock Tower - gullwing

Front dempertårn i høy kvalitet.

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Product Overview

B6.1 Carbon "Gullwing" Front Shock Tower is made from 100% carbon fiber and designed for strength. We call this tower custom because we removed the inner kit hole since it was never used, added in-between holes for finer adjustments, and you may now go a half hole out further on the tower than the kit tower. Check the hole locations on the file below.

B6.1 Shock Tower Hole Locations


  • Inner hole removed from kit locations, added in-between holes for fine adjustments, and added a half hole out further than the kit tower.
  • 100% Carbon Fiber, 4.0mm thick.
  • Added strength by adding material, pocketing, and bracing in the weak areas.
  • To be used with the Gullwing arms.
  • Fits: B6.1 and B6.1D