Kyosho DBX VE2.0

Gøy 4wd buggy med gode kjøreegenskaper og sprutsikker elektronikk fra Kyosho. Batteri og lader må kjøpes i tillegg. 2/3cellers lipo anbefales til denne. Utgått vare, men kan enda skaffes på bestilling.

PrisNOK3 999,00 inkl. mva.


R/C system and servo enhance dynamic brushless motor performance with the latest control technology!

The convenience of 1/10 scale mixes with 1/8 scale performance levels in the DBX VE 2.0, and is now equipped with the latest in R/C control technology. Precision detailed setting is possible through throttle end-point adjustment for accelerator and brake, and steering dual-rate adjustment for steering angle that augments the standard throttle and steering trim on the included 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P transmitter. Linear steering feel is delivered by the new torque-type KS4031-06W steering servo that resists kickback from the road surface. In addition to superior control, the new DBX VE 2.0 is equipped with a colorful printed body with white motif and high-vis neon yellow wheels that light up the track. The formidable chassis features aluminum parts anodized in signature gun metallic and is equipped with the Team ORION power source of the former model. 1/8 scale racing buggy tires combine with long wheelbase and wide tread to deliver excellent stability to extract the full power of the brushless motor under any conditions.


Simple chassis structure features an inner cover as a barrier to dirt and dust and is excellent for maintenance. Receiver is installed inside the radio box for protection against the elements.


Equipped with high rigidity dish-type wheels. Micro square pattern tires are included as standard but can be changed to 1/8 GP buggy tires.


One-piece battery box is also compatible with lithium batteries. Battery is fixed securely for strong shock resistance.

Aluminum die cast mount firmly secures the Team ORION VORTEX R10 EVO brushless motor to deliver maximum power through to the drive system.


Team ORION VORTEX R10 Sports ESC features 5 programs to choose from. Super plug connection and cooling fan meet the demands of large currents.


Fully interchangeable suspension arms and front-rear interchangeable shock stays and knuckles are excellent for spare parts quantity and cost efficiency.

Features large capacity oil shocks with dial adjustment of chassis height. Optimal shock spring rates can be selected to match chassis specifications.


Includes Syncro KT-231P 2.4GHz transmitter with automatic frequency band control. Dial setting adjustments make it easy to adjust, even for beginners.


Advanced design of forward cabin-type body delivers superior aerodynamic effect. Printed body is pre-cut with decals attached.

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