Superrealistisk og komplett 2wd truck fra Kyosho i god kvalitet, og meget realistisk utseende. Selges helt komplett!

PrisNOK3 490,00 inkl. mva.


Realistic 2WD truck delivers the optimal combination of style and performance for the perfect introduction to R/C trucking.

The OUTLAW RAMPAGE brings a new dimension to R/C cars; incorporating real truck components in a 2WD scale truck. With a new chassis designed from the ground up, the underbody features double wishbone suspension on the front with a link system suspension on the rear in combination with the long stroke of high volume aerating oil shocks to deliver a standard of performance worthy of a 2WD trophy truck. Heavy-duty drive system realizes high durability and reliability and is designed to handle high loads with its 32-pitch module counter gear and diff gear and slipper clutch to manage sudden load changes from jump landings etc. With a power center combination consisting of the newly developed ‘G15’ brushed motor and large capacity Vortex WP Brush ESC 45A, the dynamic performance of the OUTLAW RAMPAGE is matched by its stunning 1970-80’s trophy truck style with pre-cut and painted body with decals applied. Whether it’s the rough road or no road at all, the OUTLAW RAMPAGE puts the ultimate trucking experience in your hands.

●Add 4 x AA size batteries for the transmitter and charge the battery for the chassis and this factory assembled Readyset is set for action.
●Steering mechanism with slider system makes efficient use of narrow space and is easy to assemble/disassemble by connecting the ball link.
●Front bumper features 3-piece structure that protects the chassis from hard impact.
●All screws are hex type for easier maintenance.
●Newly developed 15-turn ‘G15’ brushed motor delivers high torque output characteristics.
●Pre-cut and painted body complete with decals applied recreates the image of ’70’s -’80’s trophy trucks.
●Optional LED light unit (for 2 light:No.97054-2、for 4 light:No.97054-4) can be easily installed.
●Includes 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter. Features throttle endpoint and steering dual rate setting.
●Equipped with Vortex WP Brush 45A ESC that boasts a maximum continuous current of 45A.

High strength and easy maintenance of the bathtub type chassis combines with a reinforced frame and dustproof monocoque radio box for high durability in hard driving.

Equipped with underbody worthy of the 2WD trophy truck motif. Solid rear axle differential with link system delivers smooth suspension movement and traction for superior performance.

Two mounting positions (on chassis) for rear suspension links allow setup to suit different driving conditions. Also designed to be used with short links being developed for future release.

Long suspension arms on the front double wishbone suspension deliver high traction and stability. Reflects real car mechanics, just as the rear does.

Large capacity plastic aeration shocks maintain long suspension stroke in combination with the front and rear suspension systems.

Omnipotent tires feature original tread pattern to deliver performance and style that matches the appearance of the scale body. Tires are fixed to the 3-piece wheel structure with screws so no gluing is required.

Original truck body is designed in the image of a 1980’s trophy truck. Includes grill that allows headlights to be changed to square type for a different appearance.

Thicker and larger 32-pitch module counter gear and diff gear inside gearbox provide added strength. Spur gear is 48-pitch.

Easy battery installation is possible with the lever lock battery holder. Radio plate with connector holder allows connection or disconnection with one hand.


■Length 555mm (with body)
■Width 262mm (with body)
■Height 231mm (with body)
■Wheelbase 335mm
■Tread (F/R) 204mm/204mm
■Tires (F/R interchangeable) φ108×38mm
■Gear Ratio 12.65 : 1
■Motor 15 turn 540 type (G15 motor)
■Weight 2,000g approx.