Enduro Ecto Trail Truck RTR

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Skala 1/10 - Tåler bruk i vann - Lisensierte Grabber-dekk

Element Enduro Ecto Trail Truck er en RTR-crawler i topp kvalitet med ekte Reedy-elektronikk og gode skala og klatreegenskaper. Bilen leveres ferdig montert med sprutsikker elektronikk som tåler bruk i vann. Karosseriet er ferdig lakkert og bilen gjør seg veldig godt i terrenget.

Element Enduro Ecto Trail Truck 4X4 1/10 RTR

Element Enduro Ecto Trail Truck kommer med den spesielle Stealth X-girkasen med justerbar overdrive. Dette fungerer ved at man kan stille utvekslingen mellom for- og bakhjul i tre forskjellige nivåer, se tabell under. Vannbestandig elektronikk sikrer bruk året rundt. (Husk at det som alltid er viktig med god tørk i etterkant ved bruk i våte omgivelser.)

5.7% overdrive front (originalt) 27T og 53T tannhjul
1-til-1 28T og 52T tannhjul
11.83% overdrive front 26T og 54T tannhjul

Element Enduro Ecto Trail Truck 4X4 1/10 RTR

Trail Truck har 325mm akselavstand og med de grove dekkene kommer bilen seg godt frem i ulendt terreng.

Bilen leveres uten batteri og lader, så mang trenger 2-3s LiPo shorty med T-Type/Deans kontakt, lader til dette samt 4stk AA-batterier til senderen.

Element Enduro Ecto Trail Truck 4X4 1/10 RTRSpesifikasjoner
Skala 1/10
Lengde 462mm
Bredde 236mm
Akselavstand 325mm
Felgdiameter 1,9inch
Batteri 2-3s LiPo Shorty med T-Plugg

Nødvendig tilbehør
  • 2-3s LiPo Shorty med T-Plugg
  • Batterilader
  • 4 AA batterier til fjernkontrollen



A PERFORMANCE RIG BUILT TO ENDURE. When hitting the trail, you want to do it with performance, confidence and looking good.

Aimed towards the serious RC rock crawler enthusiast, the new Enduro Ecto Trail Truck RTR is packed full of performance features that are sure to impress.

What makes the Enduro Ecto Trail Truck special? The Gatekeeper Suspension package (GKSTM)! The GKSTM package consists of rear trailing arms that move the shocks forward, allowing a larger window for shock tuning and providing improved weight bias. The trailing arms are paired with a rear anti-roll bar for a more stable and consistent suspension when crawling on the rocks. An adjustable aluminum track bar mount firmly bolted to the chassis rail gives the Enduro Ecto more reliable and responsive steering without the flex. Our shock mount inserts with multiple mounting positions allow for precise suspension tuning, whether they´re moving the shocks up, down, forward, or back.

The #40112C LiPo Combo includes a #27201 Reedy Compact Balance Charger and #758 Reedy 7.4V 2S LiPo Battery with T-plug.

The performance doesn´t stop there. The Enduro Ecto Trail Truck is built on our proven stamped steel C-channel Enduro chassis and retains the same awesome features as before.

The behind-the-axle (BTA) steering link greatly improves approach angle and front-end clearance, making rough terrain much easier to handle. The Stealth(R) X features the ability to adjust the rear drive ratio independently of the front drive across three levels: stock overdrives the front end 5.7% (installed in RTR), option 1 provides a one-to-one drive ratio front-to-rear (available separately), and option 2 overdrives the front end 11.83% (included with RTR).

Feeding the power to the tires are 3-piece telescopic driveshafts with an extruded aluminum center section, universal front drive axles, and hardened steel ring and pinion gears. With the Enduro drivetrain, delivering useful and reliable power will not be an issue.

Chassis Features

  • STEALTH(R) X TRANSMISSION: Our transmission features the ability to adjust the rear drive ratio independently of the front drive in 3 levels: stock overdrives the front 5.7%, option 1 (not included) is a one-to-one drive ratio, and option 2 overdrives the front 11.83%.
  • ALUMINUM TRACK BAR MOUNT: The GKSTM package includes an aluminum track bar mount bolted directly to the steel frame rail, making the front suspension more rigid and flex-free with a more precise steering feel.
  • SHOCK MOUNT INSERTS: GKSTM shock mount inserts provide drivers with the ability to tune shock angle, droop and vehicle ride height without affecting spring preload.
  • REAR ANTI-ROLL BAR: The rear anti-roll bar helps keep the rear suspension stable while driving over rough terrain and improves climbing ability on steep inclines or side hills.
  • REEDY POWER CRAWLER MOTOR: The Reedy Power 5-slot 14-turn brushed 550 crawler motor provides ample torque with a smooth power delivery. This allows for slow precise acceleration while maintaining consistent power over rough terrain and obstacles.
  • REEDY POWER ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER (ESC): The water-resistant SC480X brushed ESC is specifically programmed for crawling with proportional forward/reverse, dual auxiliary power output leads, LiPo low-voltage cutoff protections, and T-plug connector.
  • TRAILING ARM REAR SUSPENSION: At the heart of the Gatekeeper Suspension (GKSTM) are the rear trailing arms. This design moves the shocks forward, thus improving weight bias. Because the shock mounting points are farther forward on the lower links and chassis, this allows for a larger window for shock tuning and an optimized anti-roll bar mounting position.


Additional Features

  • Behind-the-axle (BTA) steering
  • Aluminum steering plates
  • Integrated servo winch mount
  • Threaded aluminum shock bodies
  • CMS (Chassis Mounted Servo)
  • Universal front drive axles
  • Stamped steel frame rails
  • 12mm wheel hexes
  • Aluminum motor plate
  • Optimized ball cups for more fluid axle articulation
  • Telescopic driveshafts front and rear
  • Extruded aluminum driveshaft splines
  • One-piece rear axle design
  • Splined front axle with adjustable caster
  • Machined input pinion gear
  • Metal ring gear
  • Machined steel top shaft
  • Heavy duty 5mm diameter steel links
  • Metal ball bearings included
  • Steel 25T servo horn
  • Adjustable front track bar

HIGH-PERFORMANCE SCALE LOOKS. The Enduro Ecto Trail Truck RTR isn´t just all about performance, it´s got looks, too. With inspired styling from competition off-road vehicles, the Enduro Ecto looks awesome tackling the terrain.

The new Ecto Trail Truck body comes equipped with injection-molded mirrors, hinges, door handles, fuel cell, and roll bar with number plates. Also included is a detailed decal sheet with lots of extras to make the Ecto Trail Truck your own.

OFFICIALLY LICENSED TIRES: Gripping the trail is a set of officially licensed General GrabberTM X3 tires molded in a high-performance, soft compound rubber. The General GrabberTM X3 tires are mounted on Ocho beadlock wheels. No more worrying if your RTR tires will come unglued.

Additional Body Features

  • Thermoformed polycarbonate body styled after early pickup trucks
  • Narrow body design for increased performance and clearance
  • Clear windows
  • Dropped bed design
  • Adjustable injection-molded front bumper
  • Injection-molded fairlead
  • Injection-molded mock winch
  • Injection-molded action cameras and antennas included (not installed)
  • Licensed 1.9"x4.65" General GrabberTM X3 tires

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