1/12 Protoform Strakka-12 PRO Lite Weight 1/12

1/12 Track body for racefolket. Dette er lettvektsutgaven.

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Strakka-12 PRO-Lite Weight Clear Body

**PRO-Lite Bodies are for Expert racers only. Not recommended for novice racers.**

PROTOform is taking aim at 1:12 Stock and SuperStock classes with our new 1:12 race body, the Strakka-12.

Modelled after an all-new racecar contending in the WEC series, the Strakka-12 is a reduced -downforce alternative to the ultra-successful AMR-12. This race body will help your 1:12 Stock or SuperStock car slip around the track efficiently without scrubbing too much all-important corner speed. Modified racers looking for a less downforce on super high grip tracks can also use the Strakka-12, attaching the add-on Gurney Flap marked out in the back of the body.

The Strakka-12 fits all EFRA,IFMAR, BRCA, ROARand JMRCA body specs. Like all PROTOform bodies, it comes with protective film and includes window masks and a decal sheet.


  • Modelled after World Endurance Championship contender
  • Reduced-downforce design suited for Stock & Super-Stock classes
  • Gurney Flap included for Modified classes

  • Length: 323 mm
  • Width: 170 mm
  • Side Dam Height: 70 mm
  • Wheel Base: 195-200 mm


  • Clear Strakka-12 body
  • Decal Sheet with headlights
  • Gurney Flap hardware
  • Paint-then-peel over spray film & window masks