BLITZ – TCN Racing Competition body – (190mm) (0.7mm) (EFRA/ETS Approved)

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BLITZ – TCN Racing Competition body – (190mm) (0.7mm) (EFRA/ETS Approved)

Blitz and Team Titan are introducing the newest high performance race body TCN 1:10 190mm touring car bodyshell.

Featuring a low-profile design which has become a industry standard.

Compare to previous Blitz bodyshell, Blitz TCN shorter and narrower design improves overall balance between steering and stability with high down force feeling.

  • With the superior steering and rear stability the TCN generates high corner speed.
  • A curved wing provides more agility and response.
  • Pre-marked front wheel center for easy alignment with multiple line marking for mounting position.
  • For ARC touring cars, pre-marked bodypost location for a direct fit on both vertical and horizontal mounting.

Blitz TCN is available in 2 different thickness of 0.5mm and 0.7mm, made by high quality poly carbonate and includes window masking, light decals and mounting screws/nuts.

#60230-07 TCN Body-Shell 0.7mm-Standard
#60230-05 TCN Body-Shell 0.5mm-light