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It goes without saying that a tough exterior is mandatory in the scale off-road world. A lot of criteria are built into a project these days and with endless platforms to choose from, it’s imperative to have a body shell that is tough, high-clearance and drops on a 12.3” wheelbase vehicle. The CreepER by JConcepts is the cab only version of the popular body design by the crew from central Florida. The unique aspect to the CreepER is only limited by a modeler’s imagination of how and what it can be attached to.

The original Creep had a hard life, working the local farms, occasional fair and eventually into the mud pits. After a lot of work, the bed was detached to begin another serviceable season as a frame only hauler and tow rig. In the cab only configuration, the opportunities are endless as shown with JConcepts 3D printed bed combination or built however the owner pleases. The latest in tough and dependable designs, suited to high articulation vehicles in the scale community, the CreepER reigns supreme.

Starting with a crisp front-end, the narrow truck has a skeleton like grille and beady eyes that have an angular V shape structure setting up the hood line and front-end clip. The long nose dead-ends into the V-shaped windshield which transitions into a large single cab providing that all-important vintage feel. The clear body is formed in durable polycarbonate material, pre-trimmed exterior along the cutlines for the ultimate in ease of use.

Each package includes window mask, JCI CreepER decal sheet and clear polycarbonate body. The body shell is meant for scale, trail, and crawler modelers who have body mounting experience and the ingenuity to fabricate their dreams together with the CreepER. The product is always backed by JConcepts customer service, supported, and developed by professionals with style and authenticity. JConcepts, since 2003 – World Proven Innovation and Design

Notes from the team –

The JCI CreepER photo truck is an Element RC Enduro with removed floorboards. The JConcepts team added another battery tray (AE #42003) to the rear to mount electrical and the receiver box. It’s important that the CreepER body is either mounted high enough to clear side-guards or floorboards, or its necessary to remove them all together to meet the narrow width of the shell. The truck is fitted with JConcepts #4008 prototype Fling King tires in green compound and mounted on #3413 Hazard aluminum bead-lock wheels. The front bumper used is the Axial (#AX80125).

To fit this body on a TRX-4 Sport or Enduro, you will need to remove the side pods and relocate all electronics to the center / front of the chassis. This body fits crawlers with a width of approximately 5" or less.

The JConcepts tube bed is available via 3D printing from JConcepts on Shapeways. One part of each item is required to build a complete bed to fit on an Element Enduro. Hardware is not included.

2971-001 – Tube bed frame
2971-002 – Tube bedside, Left
2971-003 – Tube bedside, Right
2971-004 – Tube upright bed rack
2971-005 – CreepER cab mount plate
2971-006 – CreepER bed floor


  • Cab only build and styling
  • Pre-trimmed exterior around the cutlines
  • Crisp front-end, skeleton like grille
  • Angular, V-shaped structure
  • Vintage, large single cab construction
  • Flange style fenders, Military fit, and finish
  • 1:1 headlight and grille treatment
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window masks and detailed JCI / CreepER sheet included