Kyosho Optima Mid 4WD 1:10 Kit

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The founding father of the modern racing buggies.
Lighting quick World Championship debut machine returns!

The Optima Mid is remembered for its brilliant debut at the 2nd World Electric Off-Road Car Championships in England 1987, where the prototype occupied 5 out of the 10 qualifiers in the A-Main final and finished in second place. Optima’s chassis layout with midship motor position and undercarriage grew in popularity and became the foundation for modern racing buggies. It is this Optima Mid that will be reproduced as the 10th model in the Kyosho vintage series. The main chassis is made from 6016T6 aluminum alloy that guarantees high rigidity. Each component of the car has been updated to match a modern power system, such as the 48-pitch gear for improved efficiency and precision gear ratio setting. The recreated Optima Mid also features adjustable belt tension using a tensioner not available at the time, ultimately achieving a smooth drive with minimal loss. Furthermore, equipment from the Turbo Optima Mid such as the FRP front and rear shock stays, and countersunk main chassis have also been incorporated into this model. The racy form of the original Optima Mid body design is faithfully reproduced in line with the popular vintage series. Experience the driving spirit of the Optima Mid incorporating the state-of-the-art mechanics from the past that cannot be matched by anything today.




● The 10th model in the Kyosho vintage series. The popular 4WD buggy that made a brilliant world championship debut has been updated in modern style.
● Recreation of the model that dominated the electric racing buggy scene in the 1980’s. Updated to match modern R/C electronics and power systems.
● Belt-type 4WD system delivers excellent drive efficiency and stability, even on roads with low grip. Demonstrates superior driving performance on modern circuits.
● 48-pitch pinion and 82T spur gear, corresponds with the existing Ultima RB7. Optional settings for 78T / 80T spur gears can also be used.
● Equipped with reinforced slipper clutch to support powerful brushless motors. Settings can be adjusted by exchanging with the Ultima RB slipper sheet.
● Battery holder is compatible with various battery types. Includes hook-and-loop fastener with KYOSHO logo.
● New wheels recreate the original Optima Mid design and include the same tires as the Turbo Optima for excellent grip.
● Reinforced nylon rear wing shared with the Javelin, balances flexibility and strength. Three mounting angles provide setting options.
● Blister packaging replicates the original packaging style to recreate the same satisfying experience.
● Wide range of optional parts are available for tuning and upgrades. More than just a recreation of the 1980’s original, this model can be enjoyed like any other high-performance modern equivalent.

The basic design follows the 1987 Optima Mid. As the name suggests, the layout allows for midship motor mount and driving performance optimized by centrally locating heavy components on the chassis.
The 6061T6 aluminum alloy main chassis achieves an excellent balance between rigidity and crash resistance and uses hex screws with the countersunk holes for a flat underside of the chassis.
The front and rear shock stays have been updated from the original aluminum to FRP similar to the Turbo Optima Mid specs.
Equipped with gold anodized oil shocks that resemble the pressure shocks that dominated the era. Dial adjustment allows for easy vehicle height tuning for precision chassis setting.
Stabilizer end mounting holes have been added to the front suspension arms. The quality of the material has been optimized for increased strength and driving stability.
Belt tension can be adjusted through the newly equipped belt tensioner, which also improves driving efficiency and reduces power loss.
The belt cover has been updated from the previous vacuum-formed part to a molded resin part that effectively protects the drive belt from dirt and dust. The new belt cover is easier to assemble and provides more complete protection from dust.
48-pitch spur gear is equipped with a slipper clutch that protects the gear from shocks while driving.
Includes decals that recreate the design used on the original packaging. Masking sheet is also included, and the body can be finished with a simple single-color coat.


■Length 375mm
■Width 244mm
■Height 142mm
■Wheelbase 255mm
■Tread (F/R) 208mm
■Weight approx1,600g(with 7.2V4000 LiPo)
■Tires (F/R) φ82×36mm
■Motor 540 class size (sold separately)
■Gear ratio 8.28:1


<Kit Contents>
●Kit chassis
●Wheel (white)
●Clear body
●Wing (white)
●Mask sheet
●hexagon wrench
●Cross wrench
●Shock wrench
●Shock oil


<Required for Operation>
●2 channel R/C system
●210mm Sensor cable
●Battery for chassis(7.4V Ni-MH battery or 7.4V Li-Po battery)
●Charger for battery for chassis
●Batteries for transmitter