Cougar LD2 er siste 2wd race buggyen fra Schumacher. Dette er gromme saker, spesielt for astro- og teppebaner.

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The Cougar LD2 is the ultimate buggy for 2WD off road racing. It is fast, light, and now features an even lower centre of gravity for improved cornering speed.

It is a very versatile platform, with outstanding performance on a wide range of grip levels, from carpet to astro to dirt. The LD2 has been designed to be easy to drive and user friendly for the most enjoyable racing experience.

It is backed by Schumacher’s world class international racing team who will put the LD2 at the top of the podium all over the world.

  • NEW - Class leading front suspension geometry with durable components and a range of optional alloy parts, offering more adjustments to set up your LD2 for all track conditions.
  • NEW - Front end, enables zero and minus five wheelbase lengths, without the need of an additional chassis.
  • NEW - 2.5mm aluminium chassis, with sensor lead wiring channels.
  • NEW - 90° phased lightweight steel CVD driveshafts.
  • NEW - Easy access battery fitting system with multiple fitting options.
  • NEW - Low drop wing mount.
  • Compact steering system for improved in-line weight placement, with adjustable and dynamic ackerman.
  • Front 5 deg yokes with adjustable roll centre heights.
  • Triple position equipment mounting plate.
  • ‘Gull Wing’ wishbones with anti roll bar option.
  • Durable, lightweight, ball mounted, two piece shock cap with bleed screw.
  • Front camber captive ball joints.
  • 12mm Hex Wheels with industry standard offset.
  • Strong front steering hub, with fine ‘Kwik Klip’ adjustment.
  • Big bore shocks with big bore “CORE” springs. Threaded collars and twin o-ring sealing.
  • Shock seal pack housing with 'O' ring sealing to prevent loosening.
  • Lightweight lower spring retaining cup.
  • Threaded spring collars, for better location and adjustment.
  • Screw Piston Fixing, with titanium nitride shafts, for easy build, precision and durability.
  • Optional rear shock location in front or behind the wishbones, standard in the kit.
  • Front shock tower cover to protect your car and the track.
  • Rear transmission mounted pivot strap. Increased chassis clearance.
  • Adjustable rear roll centres, inboard toe-in and anti-squat.
  • Durable, specially formulated composite "S2" material 4mm shock tower mounts.
  • Cable management system.
  • Specially formulated composite moulded side pods for advanced chassis stiffness tuning.
  • Lightweight, twin pad 80t slipper clutch with ultra fine adjustment spring.
  • Easy access transmission system. For quick diff access and maintenance.
  • 23 super precision ball bearings.
  • Spur Gear Shield.
  • 3 gear, low centre of gravity sealed gearbox, with CNC machined idler.
  • Small, low rotating mass transmission. Including gear differential. With 3 position height adjustment, to adjust for driveshaft plunge and mixed track conditions.
  • Optional ball diff available.

Her kommer oversikt over oginaldelene til modellen.

Chassis Parts

U119 Aerial Tube - Pack 4

U3691 Servo Spacer - Cougar SV/SV2/KR/KF

U4689 Steering Pivots Short - K2,KF2,Mi6/evo,KD,KC,LD,ST

U4773 Aerial Mount - CAT K2

U7339 Front Carpet Protector - CAT L1

U7627 Motor Wire Support - Cougar-Laydown

U7639 S2 Rear Shock Mount - Cougar-Laydown

U7952 Wing Mount Mouldings - CAT L1 EVO

U7970 M2.5 Thread Insert pk10 - L1 EVO,ST

U8005 Side Pods Stiff - LD2 (pr)

U8051 Radio Plate S2 - Storm ST

U8187 Top Plate - LD2

U8188 Bottom Plate - LD2

U8190 Wheelbase Plates - LD2

U8191 Bumper - LD2

U8192 Manual - LD2

U8194 LiPo Mouldings - LD2

U8195 Servo Horn Fixed Mouldings - LD2

U8198 Centre Track Rod - LD2

U8199 Alloy Chassis - LD2

U8203 S2 Front Link Mount - LD2


Bodys & Decals

AX005 Aerox Wing CAT L1 - 1.0mm

AX019 Aerox Front Wing -LD2

PCB007 Penguin Emperor Wing - 1mm

PCB010 Penguin King Wing - 1mm PCB018 Penguin LD2 Body + Mask - 0.75mm

PCB019 Penguin LD2 Body + Mask - 0.50mm

U8193 Decals - LD2 Suspension



 U3708 Quick Clips 2.4 x 2.0mm (pk4) - 2WD/4WD

U3715 Pivot Pin; Screw Type 25mm pr

U3729 WishbonePivot Spheres - Cougar SV pk4

U3758 Yokes; 5 deg - Cougar

U4224 Turnbuckle Adjuster HTT - 60mm - pr

U4274 Pro Ball Stud Short - pk4

U4275 Pro Ball Stud Long - pk4

U4380 Front Hub Carriers - Cougar KR/KF V2 -pr

U4381 Quick Clips 2.4 x 1.0mm (pk4) - 2WD/4WD

U4700 Pro Ball Stud - Ultra Long - (pk4)

U4704 Fluted Ball Grippa - Grey (pk8)

U4707 Short Ball Grippa - Grey (pk8)

U4736 Ball Stud Washer -CAT K2 - (8pcs)

U4739 Captive Ball Joint Ultra Long 4pcs - Off Road

U7079 Front Outboard Pivot Pin (pr) - Cougar KC/D

U7080 Rear Suspension Strap - Cougar KC/D

U7083 Rear Strap Spacers - Cougar KC/D

U7133 Quik Clips 2.4x1.5mm (pk4) - 2WD/4WD

U7135 Front Wishbones Med Flex Yellow Dot - KC,KD,LD

U7337 Radius Arms pr - L1/EVO

U7368 Rear Outboard Pivot Pin - CAT L1 (pr)

U7628 Rear Toe-In Inserts - Cougar-Laydown (8prs)

U7634 Strap Spacers - Cougar-Laydown (2pcs)

U7635 Front Axle - Cougar-Laydown (pr)

U7636 Rear Link Mount - Cougar-Laydown

U7644 Alloy FR Strap - Cougar-Laydown

U7649 Alloy Shock Standoff - Cougar-Laydown (pr)

U7672 Turnbuckle Adjuster HTT - 56mm - (pr)

U7675 Shock Pivot Ball 5.5mm (pk4)

U7833 Ball Stud Low (Short) (pk4)

U7867 Long Socket 5.5mm (pr)

U7948 Rear Hub Carrier - (pr) L1/EVO,ST U7987 Rear Wishbones Med Flex - CAT L1/EVO

U8189 Pivot Block - LD2

U8200 Front Inboard Pivot Pin - LD2 (pr)

U8201 Rear Inboard Pivot Pin - LD2 (pr)

U8202 S2 Front Shock Mount - LD2

U8204 S2 Front Pivot Block Spacers - LD2



U2761 Diff Shims; 10x12x0.2 (pk8)

U3364 Slipper Pad; PTFE Octagon pr

U3834 Driveshaft; Pivot;Pin;Screw - Mi4/Mi5/KR 1pc

U4083 Slipper Spacer - Cougar SVR U4176 Gear Diff Gear Set - K1/KF

U4385 Gear Diff Rebuild Kit - KR/Laydown

U4386 Gear Diff Output - Cougar KR

U4387 Gear Diff Mouldings - Cougar KR

U4486 Rear Wheel Bearing Spacers - Cougar KF - Pair

U4674 Slipper Spring Bush - KF2

U4712 Gear Diff O-Rings

U4990 Layshaft - Cougar KD

U7065 Slipper Spring Twin Plate - 2WD/4WD

U7066 Diff Output Pin (pr) - Cougar KC

U7068 Eccentrics - Cougar KC (2 prs)

U7403 Alloy Wheel Hex 7.5mm - CAT L1 (pr)

U7615 80T 2,3,4 Plate Slipper Spur Gear

U7617 Right Hand Lower Trans - Cougar-Laydown

U7618 Left Hand Lower Trans - Cougar-Laydown

U7619 Upper Trans Forward - Cougar-Laydown

U7620 Upper Trans Rearward - Cougar-Laydown

U7622 Idler Shaft - Cougar-Laydown

U7624 Diff Cross Pin - Cougar-Laydown

U7629 Finger Guard - Cougar-Laydown

U7639 S2 Rear Shock Mount - Cougar-Laydown

U7645 Alloy Motor Plate - Cougar-Laydown

U7646 Alloy Wheel Hex (-0.75) - Cougar-Laydown (pr)

U7662 CVD Rear Axle - Cougar Laydown

U7700 Gear Diff Complete - Cougar Laydown

U7701 CNC Idler Gear - Cougar Laydown v2

U7980 0.5mm 20T Bevel Gear Shim - L1 EVO,ST

U8015 Inner Slipper Plate - Storm ST

U8016 Outer Slipper Plate - Storm ST

U8270 Driveshaft Assembled CVD - Cougar-Laydown - (pr)

U8271 CVD Rear Bone - Cougar-Laydown



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