LUNCH BOX (2005)

Ikoniske 1/10 skala Lunch Box fra Tamiya. Leveres som byggesett med motor men uten esc, og annen elektronikk. NB! Denne modellen er nå BESTILLINGSVARE fra Oslo, kort leveringstid!

PrisNOK1 790,00 inkl. mva.


  • Another one of Tamiya’s classic creations, the R/C Lunch Box (1st released, 1987) was loved for its camp appearance as much as for its R/C performance. The boxy minivan body raised up over monster truck wheels ensure that this R/C van will get attention anywhere you choose to drive it. Use the sides of the van as a canvas to paint your own original designs for the ultimate conversation piece!


Specs and Features:



    • 1/12 scale R/C assembly kit features shock-resistant styrol body mounted on lightweight and durable ABS bathtub frame.


    • Fitted with front swing axle independent and rear rolling rigid type suspension.


    • Diff gear, housed in sealed gearbox, enables smooth cornering.


    • Front grille, side guards, F&R bumper and friction dampers made from metal plated parts.


    • Monster tires feature 115mm diameter and 71mm width.


    • Install wheelie bar to perform awesome wheelies!


    • 3-piece assembly type wheels for extra realism.


    • Sealed rear gearbox protects gear differential during off-road running.


    • Includes Type 540 motor


    • Comes with high performance ESC (electronic speed controller).


    • Main paints required: TS-16 Yellow


    • Length: 385mm


    • Width: 290mm


    • Height: 225mm


  • Weight: 1560g