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Tamiya 58696 1/10 Super Avante (TD4)

Et supernytt ansikt!

Dette byggesettet gir deg Super Avante, en 4WD buggy som er tildelt Tamiyas legendariske Avante-navn. Den har en eksepsjonelt lav profildesign muliggjort delvis av dens fremre innvendig fjæring, med en akseldrevet 4WD-drivlinje drevet av en midtstillt motor og har kuledifferensialer både foran og bak og leveres fullt kulelagret. Dens futuristiske karosseridesign er laget av Kota Nezu ved znug design, og har mange klare seksjoner som bare bidrar til Super Avantes utpreget moderne stemning, det samme gjør cockpit-bakstøtten og de fire miniskjermene. 

Nødvendig tilbehør:

Radio/Motaker, regulator, batteri lader og lexan lakk.

Electric R/C Car Series no.696
1/10 R/C Super Avante (TD4)
Item No: 58696


Fra produsenten:

Length: 387mm. Image shows painted and assembled kit.

A Super New Face
This R/C model assembly kit creates the Super Avante, a 4WD off-road buggy that is bestowed with Tamiya’s legendary Avante name. It features an exceptionally low profile design enabled in part by its front inboard suspension, with a shaft-driven 4WD drivetrain powered by a midship motor and employing front/rear ball differentials plus full ball bearings. Its futuristic body design is the work of Kota Nezu at znug design, and features numerous clear sections that just add to the Super Avante’s distinctly modern mood, as do the cockpit-rear buttress and the four mini fenders.
Check out the video!


★Take a separate look at the pioneering, futuristic design (the work of Kota Nezu at znug design) from the rear of the model, too!
★Seen from the side, one can appreciate just how lowdown this streamlined buggy gets, with an accent provided by the fenders.
★This is a close-up on the driver figure included in the kit, who is ready to take the wheel and give your buggy a realistic look.


★A further glance inside the cockpit shows stickers for display elements. Clear parts are used in three other locations across the car.
★All four wheels have an individual mini-fender; they are both practical (helping to block flying debris) and provide a unique design element.
★Buttresses are a trendy aerodynamic item at present, and the Super Avante is endowed with its own polycarbonate design, a separate part.


    ★Left: Two different wing stay designs (high and low) are included in the kit, to help you tweak the car’s downforce.

★Right: Vibrant yellow star dish design wheels are paired with high grip square spike tires for superior off-roading.


TD4 – Low Profile, High Performance
The TD4 is a shaft-driven 4WD buggy chassis which employs front inboard suspension for slim, low-profile form. It features a longitudinal battery pack position in the center and a midship transverse motor for optimum balance and improved performance. The drivetrain uses full bearings, and sealed front/rear gearboxes have built-in ball differentials. Two link rods and crank arm transmit movement of the left-side servo to the three-piece steering arm setup. 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension utilizes CVA oil dampers. Turnbuckle shaft upper arms facilitate camber angle adjustment. Two types (high/low) of wing stays are included and star dish wheels are paired with square spike tires which offer superlative grip off-road.


★The shaft-driven 4WD chassis makes a major contribution to the model’s low profile, and is a highly slimline deisgn to boot.
★Take a closer look at the front double-wishbone setup with lower “H” arms, and turnbuckle upper arms that allow easy camber tweaks.
★Rocker arms and push-rods are used to actuate the front inboard CVA oil dampers, which are near-horizontal (10 degrees) in their position.


★The TD4 chassis has its motor in a midship position, and ducts are worked into the design to ensure that it is cooled as much as possible.
★This picture is a close-up on the TD4’s propeller shaft, which runs along the side of the chassis to provide the front wheels with power.
★Both front and rear gearboxes are sealed, and contain one of these – a ball differential. Steel joints contribute to the model’s durability.


    ★Left: Like the front, the rear double wishbone suspension utilizes upper turnbuckle shaft and rear “H” arms.

★Right: Access to the battery pack is provided by the front suspension, which springs up dynamically.


★Length: 387mm, width: 246mm, height: 117mm (with low wing stays employed) ★Wheelbase: 283mm ★Tread: 214mm (front), 205mm (rear) ★Plastic bathtub frame ★Shaft-driven 4WD ★Front & rear ball differentials ★3-piece steering tie-rod ★4- wheel double wishbone suspension ★Tire width/diameter: 32/82mm (front), 41/82mm (rear) ★CVA oil dampers ★Gear Ratio = 10.71:1 ★Type 540 motor ★Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) is sold separately.