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Product description
ZAP-0 XTRA FOAM SAFE CA is a universal instant
cyanoacrylate adhesive with maximum performance and
perfect 3 second finishes. It’s strong, fast and safe. This new
generation liquid formula does not irritate or smell.
The properties of ZAP-0 XTRA FOAM SAFE CA have been
carefully selected through extensive research and
experimentation to meet the needs of the most demanding
users. Our technical expertise and market knowledge have
led us to the development of an instant adhesive with
excellent adhesive properties on a wide range of materials
and surfaces.
Compared to traditional universal adhesives, this product
offers exceptionally fast bonding times during difficult
conditions, even in applications where flexibility is required. It
is a multi-purpose product and perfectly works all types of
Special Characteristics
• Immediate dry time. Bonds in 3 seconds
• Highly durable and resistant to vibrations.
• Nonirritant
• Odorless
• Works on all types of materials, including highly
porous materials. Except Polyethylene (PE),
Polypropylene (PP), and Teflon® (PTFE)
• Water resistant, Dishwater resistant and outdoor
• Doesn’t whiten applications
• Easy to use and doesn’t adhere to fingers quickly
Uncured Properties
• Density at 23 °C (ISO 1183): 1.10 g/cm3
• Viscosity (Brookfield DV II + Pro, 25 °C, 100 rpm):
20 – 50 mPa∙s
Cured Characteristics
Under normal conditions, atmospheric moisture initiates the
curing process over the adhesive layer that forms when the
two surfaces to be joined are put in contact and pressed.
Although resistance develops rapidly, maximum resistance is
achieved after 24 hours.
-Set Time
It is defined as the time required to develop a shear strength
of 0.1 N/mm² (1 kg/cm2). The following table shows the
fixation time in different materials at 23 °C and 50 % relative
Material Set Time(s)
Beech Wood <5
Pine Wood 35
Oak Wood 105
PVC (Type Komadur ES) <5
PVC (Type Simona CAW) <5
ABS 20
Polycarbonate (Type Makroform 099) 25
Aluminum 5754 <5
Aluminum 6060 E6/EV1 10
Granuated Steel 10
Stainless Steel(316Ti) <5
Brass(MS63) 10
Cured Material Behavior
Shear resistance in different substrates (ISO 4587) for
samples cured for 24 hours at 23°C and 50% relative humidity
is shown in the table below.
Material Shear Resistance(N/mm2)
Beech Wood 10 – 12
Pine Wood 11 – 14*
Oak Wood 9 – 11*
PVC (Type Simona CAW) 5 – 7*
ABS 12 – 13*
Polycarbonate (Type Makroform 099) 5 – 7*
Aluminum 5754 3 – 5
Aluminum 6060 E6/EV1 20 – 23
Granuated Steel 14 – 16
Stainless Steel(316Ti) 8 – 10
*Substrate Failure
Operating Temp


Operating Temperature
-20 to 80 °C


How to Use
– Before applying the adhesive, ensure that the bonding areas
are clean, dry and free of any loose material, dust, dirt, rust,
oil and other contaminants. 2
– For tubes, screw the cap and nozzle into the tube. Unscrew
the cap to open the product. For a brush bottle or cannula
bottle, unscrew the cap.
-Apply a small amount of material to one of the two surfaces.
For irregular surfaces more material may be required to fill all
of the surface area. 2
– Place the two parts in contact and press for a few seconds
until the parts are fixed (see the time table for accurate
values). After releasing the pressure, wait a few minutes to
obtain a good resistance for handling. The total resistance is
reached at approximately 24 hours
– Immediately after use, clean the nozzle tip with a tissue and
close the lid. Store the tube or bottle upright in a cool, dry
– The product used for surface cleaning will depend on the
nature of the surfaces. In some cases, a clean, lint-free cotton
cloth moistened in solvent may be used.
Dry immediately with another cloth before the solvent
evaporates from the surface. In other cases consult the

cleaning method with the manufacturer of the supporting
– Do not apply excess product and remove excess as much
as possible with an absorbent paper or spatula.
– For an invisible finish, apply in a continuous thin layer and
remove the occluded air; do not apply to points. 2
– For glass and glass applications do a pre-test.
Dissolution and Cleaning
Use specific solvents for instant adhesives such as SUPER
GLUE REMOVER (Ref. 11710361) or acetone.
ZAP-0 XTRA FOAM SAFE CA is supplied in a 20g bottle (Ref.
Store the product in a cool, dry place in its original closed
container at temperatures between 5°C and 25°C. In its
original packaging. The date of manufacture can be
determined from the batch code on the packaging.

For assistance, contact the Technical Department or Customer

Safety Recommendations
Keep the product away from children. Detailed instructions
are given in the relevant product safety data sheet. This
product is not recommended for use with pure oxygen and/or
oxygen-rich systems and should not be chosen as a chlorine
sealant or with other strong oxidizers. For safety information
on handling this product, refer to the SDS.
Ultimately it will be the responsibility of the user to
determine the final suitability of the product in any type
of application.
For more information, see safety data sheet (SDS).
In case of emergency, call CHEMTREC at (800) 424-9300 or call
Pacer Technology at (800) 538-3091 (outside CA only), or (909)
Ultimately it will be user’s responsibility to determine the
final suitability of the product in any type of application.