Ruddog Verktøysett

Utrolig praktisk sett som inneholder alle de vanligste verktøyene i rc verden.

PrisNOK390,00 inkl. mva.
På lager: 2 stk.
På lager: 2 stk.


When heading to the skate park, into the woods or your favourite bash pit, you don't want to burden yourself with bulky and unnecessary equipment. On the other hand, you don't want to go home early because of any minor issues, and that's where Ruddog's new 19-in-1 tool set comes in handy. The compact tool bag houses a selection of screwdriver, hex and socket head driver bits, a rubberized ergonomic grip and a double-ended open mouth wrench in popular sizes, which allows you to make quick repairs and adjustments far away from your workbench. Small price, small size, big benefits!

  • Hex Drivers: 1.5mm | 2.0mm | 2.5mm | 3.0mm | 3.5mm | 4.0mm
  • Nut Drivers: 4.0mm | 5.0mm | 5.5mm | 7.0mm | 8.0mm
  • Cross Head: 00 | 0 | 1 size
  • Flat Head: 2.0 | 3.0 | 4.0 size
  • Spanner: 5mm | 8mm
  • Ratcheting Rubber Handle